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Lara Brindisi:

Lara Brindisi

Undergraduate Researcher

Biological Sciences 2015-2016; Rutgers Class of ‘17

Adam Christman:

Adam Christman

Laboratory Technician 2014

Currently a graduate student at University of Notre Dame

Angela Coccagna:


Undergraduate Researcher

Marine Sciences 2014-2015; Rutgers Class of ‘15

 Christian Coleman:

Chris Coleman


Undergraduate Researcher

Cell Biology and Neuroscience 2014-2016; Rutgers Class of ’17, Gap Year

Christian Diliberto:

Christian Diliberto

Senior Honors Thesis 2014-2015

Currently at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

Katherine Hamilton:


Laboratory Researcher 2015-16

 Kayla Krause:  

Undergraduate Researcher

Aresty Summer Program 2014; Rutgers Class of ‘18

Stanley Piotrowski:

Undergraduate Researcher 2015

Rutgers Class of ’15; Currently at GeneWiz

Siena Stucki:

Undergraduate Researcher

Stockton University Class of ‘17

RIOS Summer Research Program 2016

Jennifer Zhu:

Undergraduate Researcher

Cornell University Class of ‘18

RIOS Summer Research Program 2014